terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2009

The Mammoth Book of Monsters - Stephen Jones

The Mammoth Book of Monsters traz o que há de melhor em matéria de histórias sobre Monstros, escritas por nomes consagrados do horror, como Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Harlan Ellison, Joe R. Lansdale e muitos outros.

David J. Schow - Visitation
Ramsey Campbell - Down There
Scott Edelman - The Man He Had Been Before
Dennis Etchison - Calling All Monsters
R. Chetwynd-hayes - The Shadmock
Christopher Fowler - The Spider Kiss
Nancy Holder - Cafe Endless: Spring Rain
Thomas Ligotti - The Medusa
Gemma Files - In The Poor Girl Taken By Surprise
Sydney J. Bounds - Downmarket
Robert E. Howard - The Horror From The Mound
Jay Lake - Fat Man
Brian Lumley - The Thin People
Tanith Lee - The Hill
Joe R. Lansdale - Godzilla's Twelve Step Program
Karl Edward Wagner - .220 Swift
Robert Silverberg - Our Lady Of The Sauropods
Basil Copper - The Flabby Men
Robert Holdstock - The Silvering
Michael Marshall Smith - Someone Else's Problem
Clive Barker - Rawhead Rex
Kim Newman - The Chill Clutch Of The Unseen

The Mammoth Book of Monsters - Stephen Jones [ Download ]