quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009

The Mammoth Book Of Vampires - Stephen Jones

Os mestres do macabro ressuscitam em contos nunca antes publicados, histórias de vampiros, em todas suas assustadoras formas. Incluindo a primeira edição de RED REIGN de Kim Newman.

Clive Barker - Human Remains
Brian Lumley - Necros
Brian Stableford - The Man Who Loved the Vampire Lady
F. Marion Crawford - For the Blood is the Life
Ramsey Campbell - The Brood
Robert Bloch - Hungarian Rhapsody
Edgar Allan Poe - Ligcia
Richard Christian Matheson - Vampire
Hugh B. Cave - Stragella
David J. Schow A Week in the Unlife
Frances Garfield - The House at Evening
R. Chetwynd-Hayes - The Labyrinth
Karl Edward Wagner - Beyond Any Measure
Basil Copper - Doctor Porthos
Bram Stoker - Dracula's Guest
Dennis Etchison - It Only Comes Out at Night
Peter Tremayne - Dracula's Chair
Melanie Tern - The Better Half
M. R. James - An Episode of Cathedral History
Manly Wade Wettman - Chastel
Howard Waldrop - Der Untergang Des Abendlandesmenschen
E. F. Benson - The Room In the Tower
Graham Masterton - Laird of Dunain
F. Paul Wilson - Midnight Mass
Nancy Holder - Blood Gothic
Les Daniels - Yellow Fog
Steve Rasnic Tern - Vintage Domestic
Kim Newman - Red Reign
Neil Galman - Vampire Sestina

The Mammoth Book Of Vampires - Stephen Jones [ Download ]