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The Man with the Strange Head and Other Early Science Fiction Stories

In March 1926 a new magazine appeared on newsstands with a wondrous cover that showed skaters gliding on a sheet of ice with a Saturn-like planet looming in the background, and it featured classic stories by H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, and others.

This was the April 1926 issue of Amazing Stories, and with its appearance a new literary genre, Science Fiction, was born. Well... not quite.

Sciencefiction had been around since the early nineteenth century when Mary Shelley published her classic novel Frankenstein in 1818 and had been a recognizable, but still largely undefined, genre when Verne penned his Voyages extraordinaries from 1864 to the end of the nineteenth century and Wells produced his scientific romances and stories in the 1890s.

The selection of reprinted stories that Hugo Gernsback included in Amazing’s first issue, and those he published over the course of the rest of 1926, bear this out. Still, Gernsback’s Amazing Stories was the first magazine devoted exclusively to science fiction (called “scientifiction” in the early years), and in its pages the genre, particularly in its American idiom, was formed and defined.


The Man wit h the Strange Head
Amazing Stories, January 1927

The Appendix and the Spectacles
Amazing Stories, December 1928

The Gostak and the Doshes
Am azing Stories, March 1930

Paradise and Iron
Amazing Stories Quart erly, Summer 1930

A Problem in Communication
Astounding Stories, September 1930

On Board t he Martian Liner
Amazing Stories, March 1931

Amazing Stories, April 1932

The Finger of the Past
Amazing Stories, November 1932

Millions for Defense
Amazing Stories, March 1935

Mars Colonizes
Marvel Tales, Summer 1935

The Oversight
Comet Stories, December 1940

Appendix 1: The Future of Scientiction
Amazing Stories Quarterly, Summer 1929
Appendix 2: Selected Letters
Source Acknowledgments
Breuer’s Science Fiction

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Edited and with an introduction by Michael R. Page