quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

The Dark Beyond the Stars - Frank M. Robinson

The only thing I remembered was that I had seen extraordinary sights on the morning of the day I died.

I had gone in with the crew of the Lander at 0600, just as the system’s sun began to cast a delicate lavender haze over the valley floor. I was the last one down the ladder, snagging a boot on the bottom rung so I had to make a desperate lunge to keep from sprawling on the planet’s surface below. Nobody seemed to notice, but the stress indicators inside my helmet whirred and a dizzying series of readouts whizzed by in my heads-up display, stopped, then scrolled past again.

Pulse rate up, respiration up, body secretions up…

There was a flicker in the smooth sequence of numbers where a tiny circuit had burned out, and I swore to myself. I had inspected the electrical harness and the helmet display on board ship and I knew somebody else on the team must have checked it again after me.

It shouldn’t have happened.

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