sábado, 1 de dezembro de 2007

25 anos de BLADE RUNNER - 20 Ensaios

01- A incerteza do ser
02- An exploration of what it is to be human
03- At home with replicants: The architecture od Blade Runner
04- Tee-ve or not tee-ve
05- A retrospective
06- Decoding Perversety
07- Do humans dream in negative strips
08- Eye disbelieve
09- Eyes in Blade Runner
10- Identities and differences
11- Image is everything
12- Is Blade Runner a misogenist text
13- No alternatives: Technology spontaneously approching 'humanity'
14- Post-humanism and ecocide in William Gibson's Neuromancer and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner
15- Technology and Control - A dystopian vision of the future in Blade Runner
16- The Blade Runner screenwriter's
17- The future of our discontents
18- The least scary option - Blade Runner and the future city
19- Thresholds of splendor - Mythic and Symbolic subtexts in Blade Runner
20- Who are the toymakers

(and a selective bibliography of Blade Runner materials in the UC Berkeley libraries)

Ensaios [ Download ]

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