quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2008

Aliens: The Anthropology of Science Fiction

Introduction: The Anthropology of the Alien
George E. Slusser and Eric S. Rabkin

Part One
Searchings: The Quest for the Alien
1. The Alien in Our Minds
Larry Niven
2. Effing the Ineffable
Gregory Benford
3. Border Patrols
Michael Beehler
4. Alien Aliens
Pascal Ducommun
5. Metamorphoses of the Dragon
George E. Slusser

Part Two
Sightings: The Aliens among Us
6. Discriminating Among Friends: The Social Dynamics of the Friendly Alien
John Huntington
7. Sex, Superman, and Sociobiology in Science Fiction
Joseph D. Miller
8. Cowboys and Telepaths/Formulas and Phenomena
Eric S. Rabkin
9. Robots: Three Fantasies and One Big Cold Reality
Noel Perrin
10. Aliens in the Supermarket: Science Fiction and Fantasy for “Inquiring Minds”
George R. Guffey
11. Aliens ‘R’ U.S.: American Science Fiction Viewed from Down Under
Zoe Sofia

Part Three
Soundings: Man as the Alien
12. H. G. Wells’ Familiar Aliens
John R. Reed
13. Inspiration and Possession: Ambivalent Intimacy with the Alien
Clayton Koelb
14. Cybernauts in Cyberspace: William Gibson’s Neuromancer
David Porush
15. The Human Alien: In-Groups and Outbreeding in Enemy Mine
Leighton Brett Cooke
16. From Astarte to Barbie and Beyond: The Serious History of Dolls
Frank McConnell
17. An Indication of Monsters
Colin Greenland

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