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Space Family Robinson n°1 (1962)

Space Family Robinson was the joint creation of editor and writer Del Connell and artist Dan Spiegle. Connell was the artistic director of Dell and Gold Key, a job he held since the early 1950s after a stint in the art department at Disney. Spiegle is a versatile California-based illustrator who ably turned out an astonishing variety of assignments for Gold Key throughout the '60s, from fanciful fare like their original movie adaptation of Disney's Mary Poppins, to straight adventure like Jonny Quest, to superheroics like Space Ghost and The Green Hornet.

Spiegle obviously enjoyed creating the unique look of Space Family Robinson. He displayed a distinctive style for rendering futuristic settings which, in the '60s set him apart from most of his East Coast peers in the industry. Despite the typical "comic book" scientific inaccuracies and gosh-wow "Buck Rogers-isms" that often crept in to mar SFR scripts, Spiegle's space hardware and alien architecture showed the overall influence that shaped the work of West Coast artists like world-class illustrator and futurist designer Syd Mead.

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