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Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Welcome to the world of science fiction, sometimes known familiarly as “SF,” but rarely
“Sci-Fi,” which is generally considered to be pejorative by aficionados of the genre, and more appropriate for films than literature.

Science fiction is one of the three subdivisions of fantastic literature, the other two being fantasy fiction and supernatural horror. Although definitions vary and some individual works may blur the distinction between one branch and another, most fantastic or speculative stories and novels can—by general consensusbe placed in one of the three categories. Science fiction is the youngest of the three, but since the late 1940s it has been by far the most popular, and the total number of science fiction titles published in book form presently exceeds that of fantasy and supernatural fiction combined.

That dominance has been challenged during the last few years by the increasing popularity of fantasy fiction.

This book provides a broad overview of the field, its major authors and works.

With more than 18,000 identified books and countless short stories,it obviously would be impossible to cover the field exhaustively in a single volume. Included here are profiles of most of the more significant writers, describing the highlights of their careers, their selected works, and their places in the overall spectrum of science fiction. Additionally, there are entries on specific stories, novels, or series.

The works chosen for individual treatment are either of extraordinary quality or historical significance, including many that have proven popular in high school and college classrooms, or are included as examples of a subset of the field not sufficiently described elsewhere in the book. Keep in mind that the most “important” work is not necessarily the best written, although that is often the case as well.

Sometimes, less important authors happened to produce a story whose significance is unrelated to the quality of the writing. Such authors might have suggested a concept that spawned superior imitations or involved an idea too unique to be repeated.


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Nebula and Hugo Award Winners
Bibliography of Science Fiction Works
Selected Bibliography of Secondary Sources

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