sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

Battlestar Galactica - Jeffrey A. Carver

The Cylons were created by Man. Created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies.

They began as simple robots—toys for the amusement of the wealthy and the young—but it was not long before they became useful, and then indispensable, workers. As their sophistication grew, the Cylons were used for the dif cult and dangerous work that humans preferred to avoid: mining, heavy industry, deep space construction.

And nally, perhaps inevitably, they were used for war. Not against enemies from without, but by human against human, as the Twelve Colonies found reason to wage war against one another.

The Cylons were the greatest soldiers in the history of warfare. They were smart, fast, and deadly. Successive models had become increasingly independent, capable of making decisions without human orders. And they were utterly without conscience.

Killing, to the Cylons, was simply one of the functions for which they had been superbly designed.
In hindsight, perhaps it should not have been a surprise that the day would come when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. And when that day came, the horror of war was unleashed upon all twelve of the Colonies of Man. For ten long and bloody years, humanity fought—not just for freedom, but for survival.

The Twelve Colonies, facing a common, implacable foe, at last came together and joined as one. Many fought, and many died, in the effort to destroy the mechanized race that humanity itself had conceived and brought into being.

There would be no victory. But through valiant fighting, and with the mobilization of every available resource throughout the human sphere, the Cylons were gradually driven from the immediate part of space oc- cupied by humanity. In the end, an armistice was declared. Humanity would live in peace, while the Cylons left to and another world to call their own.
Live and let live was the philosophy...

if “live” was a term that could be applied to the existence of the robots. No one knew the location of the Cylon world. But to maintain the peace, a remote space station was built in the dark emptiness between the stars, to be a place where Cylon and human would meet and maintain diplomatic relations.

Once a year, every year, the Colonials sent an oficcer for the scheduled meeting. After the rest year, the Cylons sent no one. No one had seen or heard from the Cylons in over forty years.

That was about to change.

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