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The year's best science-fiction - Gardner Dozois

The year's best science-fiction 10th annual edition
Summation: 1992
Griffin’s Egg – Michael Swanwick
Even the Queen – Connie Willis
The Round-Eyed Barbarians – L. Sprague de Camp
Dust – Greg Egan
Two Guys From The Future – Terry Bisson
The Mountain To Mohammed – Nancy Kress
The Coming Of Vertumnus – Ian Watson
A Long Night’s Vigil At The Temple – Robert Silverberg
The Hammer Of God – Arthur C. Clarke
Grownups – Ian R. MacLeod
Graves – Joe Haldeman
The Glowing Cloud – Steven Utley
Gravity’s Angel – Tom Maddox
Protection – Maureen F. McHugh
The Last Cardinal Bird In Tennessee – Neal Barrett, Jr.
Birth Day – Robert Reed
Naming Names – Pat Cadigan
The Elvis National Theater Of Okinawa – Jonathan Lethem And Lukas Jaeger
The Territory – Bradley Denton
The Best And The Rest Of James Joyce – Ian McDonald
Naming The Flowers – Kate Wilhelm
Snodgrass – Ian R. MacLeod
By The Mirror Of My Youth – Kathe Koja
Outnumbering The Dead – Frederik Pohl
Honorable Mentions
The year's best science-fiction 10th annual- Gardner Dozois [ Download ]

The year's best science-fiction 20th annual edition
Breathmoss -Ian R. MacLeod
The Most Famous Little Girl in the World -Nancy Kress
The Passenger -Paul McAuley
The Political Officer -Charles Coleman Finlay
Lambing Season -Molly Gloss
Coelacanths -Robert Reed
Presence -Maureen F. McHugh
Halo -Charles Stross
In Paradise -Bruce Sterling
The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars -Ian McDonald
Stories for Men -John Kessel
To Become a Warrior -Chris Beckett
The Clear Blue Seas of Luna -Gregory Benford
V.A.O. -Geoff Ryman
Winters are Hard -Steven Popkes
At the Money -Richard Wadholm
Agent Provocateur -Alexander Irvine
Singleton -Greg Egan
Slow Life -Michael Swanwick
A Flock of Birds -James Van Pelt
The Potter of Bones -Eleanor Arnason
The Whisper of Disks -John Meaney
The Hotel at Harlan’s Landing -Kage Baker
The Millennium Party -Walter Jon Williams
Turquoise Days -Alastair Reynolds
Honorable Mentions: 2002

The year's best science-fiction 20th annual- Gardner Dozois [ Download ]