sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2009

I Understand Philip K. Dick - Terence Mckenna

The experience is private, personal, the best part, and ultimately unspeakable.

The more you know the quieter you get. The explanation is another matter and can be attempted. In fact it must be told, for the Logos speaks and we are its tools and its voice.

Phil says a lot of things in the Exegesis, he is aware that he says too much, so he keeps trying to boil it down to ten points or twelve parts or whatever. I have my own experience, equally
unspeakable, and my explanation, equally prolix. Phil (sometimes) thought he was Christ,
* I (sometimes) thought I was an extraterrestrial invader disguised as a meadow

What matters is the system that eventually emerges, not the fantasies concerning the source of the system. When I compare Phil’s system to mine, my hair stands on end.

We were both contacted by the same unspeakable something.

Two madmen dancing, not together, but the same dance anyhow.

Truth or madness, you be the judge.

What is trying to be expressed is this: The world is not real.

I Understand Philip K. Dick - Terence Mckenna [ Download ]