terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009

Dark side of the moon

(...“The moment is here, the hour has come, in which we may undertake the attack on the stars with real prospects of results. It is clear that the armor of the Earth’s gravity will not be lightly pierced, and it is to be expected that it will cost, to break through it, much sacrifice of time,
money, and perhaps also of human life.

Among the enthusiasts was an eighteen-year-old prodigy named Wernher von Braun. Like Oberth, he caught the space bug from reading science fiction novels as a young boy. These “filled me with a romantic urge. Interplanetary travel! Here was a task worth dedicating one’s life
to! Not just to stare through a telescope at the Moon and planets but to soar through the heavens and actually explore the mysterious universe! )

1 Fly Me to the Moon
2 Slaves to a Dream
3 What Are We Waiting For?
4 Sputnik
5 The Red Rocket’s Glare
6 Muttnik
7 Rocket Jocks
8 Before This Decade Is Out
9 The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
10 Lost in Space
11 Sacrifices on the Altar of St.John
12 Merry Christmas from the Moon
13 Magnificent Desolation
14 Nothing Left to Do

Dark side of the moon - The Magnificent Madness of the American Lunar Quest [ Download ]