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Dracula in London

Okay, I confess it—I love Dracula! He IS the man!
The first time I remember seeing him was in Universal'sHouse of Dracula with elegant John Carradine in the role. I was instantly addicted. From then on, I couldn't get enough of all the variations out there, good and bad, sublime and silly. Umpteen years pass and it still gives me a charge!

Hence this book. I wanted to put together a collection of stories with the Count as the focus, not a mere cameo, and ask the question, "What ELSE was Dracula doing in London when he was not being chased by Van Helsing and company?"

I feel very fortunate that some of the best writers in the business decided to answer. To have the chance to read so many delightful variations on a theme has been a dream come true. My sincere thanks to all of you for contributing your time and imaginations to this project. It's been an honor.

In 1897 the original novelDracula was published, bringing little note or notice to author Bram Stoker.

Writers hate when that happens.

But over the next century, as though to make up for it, Dracula turned into an honest-to-God cultural icon. You say the name nearly anywhere on the planet and you're bound to get a reaction of some sort.

"What are the odds?" one might ask Mr. Stoker, who would likely be astonished. Or amused.
I like to think that somewhere he knows his tale eventually achieved an immortality greater than that which his character met in that dark and thrilling opus.

My hope is that he might well have enjoyed this "tip of the hat" collection of stories centered around his best-known creation.
P. N. "Pat" Elrod

Introduction - P. N. Elrod
To Each His Own Kind - Tanya Huff
Box Number Fifty - Fred Saberhagen
Wolf and Hound - Nigel Bennett and P. N. Elrod
The Dark Downstairs - Roxanne Longstreet Conrad
Dear Mr. Bernard Shaw - Judith Proctor
The Three Boxes - Elaine Bergstrom
Good Help - K. B. Bogen
Everything to Order - Jody Lynn Nye
Long-Term Investment - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
"Places for Act Two!" - Bradley H. Sinor
Beast - Amy L. Gruss and Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein
A Most Electrifying Evening - Julie Barrett
An Essay on Containment - Gene DeWeese
Berserker - Nancy Kilpatrick
Curtain Call Gary - A. Braunbeck
Renfield or, Dining at the Bughouse - Bill Zaget
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