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The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film

Preface and Acknowledgments
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science Fiction Film
Steven M. Sanders

Part 1: Enigmas of Identity and Agency
What Is It to Be Human? Blade Runner and Dark City
Deborah Knight and George McKnight
Recalling the Self: Personal Identity in Total Recall
Shai Biderman
Picturing Paranoia: Interpreting Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Steven M. Sanders
The Existential Frankenstein
Jennifer L. McMahon

Part 2: Extraterrestrial Visitation, Time Travel, and Artificial Intelligence
Technology and Ethics in The Day the Earth Stood Still
Aeon J. Skoble
Some Paradoxes of Time Travel in The Terminator and 12 Monkeys
William J. Devlin
2001: A Philosophical Odyssey
Kevin L. Stoehr
Terminator-Fear and the Paradox of Fiction
Jason Holt

Part 3: Brave Newer World: Science Fiction Futurism
The Dialectic of Enlightenment in Metropolis
Jerold J. Abrams
Imagining the Future, Contemplating the Past: The Screen Versions of 1984
R. Barton Palmer
Disenchantment and Rebellion in Alphaville
Alan Woolfolk
The Matrix, the Cave, and the Cogito
Mark T. Conard
List of Contributors

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