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Science Fiction Cinema - Between Fantasy and Reality

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1. Introduction: The Formation of the Genre
Definitions and Approaches
Traditions, Forerunners and Science Fiction Films
Interview: Writer Brian Aldiss
Interview: Writer William Gibson

2. Science Fiction Films in the 1950s
Fathers, Sons and Alien Visitations
Romantic Encounters
Daddy’s Girl
Outside Influences
Interview: Actor Billy Gray

3. Spaced Out: Between the ‘Golden Years’
The Odyssey Begins
New Worlds and Old Worlds
Interview: Director Ken Russell

4. The Masculine Subject of Science Fiction in the 1980s
Blockbuster Era
The Family Films
The 1980s Cyborg Film
Science Fiction and the Global Film Market
Interview: Director Paul Verhoeven

5. Gender Blending and the Feminine Subject in Science Fiction Film
Horror and the Female Subject of Science Fiction as ‘Composite’Being
Replicating the Femme Fatale
Beyond the Femme Fatale
Mind over Matter
Female Hero Meets Femme Fatale
Interview: Director Paul Verhoeven (Part 2)

6. Alien Others: Race and the Science Fiction Film
Representations of ‘Blackness’ in Science Fiction of the 1960s and 1970s
The African American Alien in 1980s Science Fiction Film
Issues of Authenticity in the 1990s Virtual Reality Film
The Asian American and the ‘Oriental’
The ‘Oriental’ in the Euro-American Science Fiction Film
Interview: Actor Joe Morton

7. Generic Performance and Science Fiction Cinema
Externalising Performance
Internalising Performance
Interview: Actor Dean Norris

8. Conclusion: The Technology of Science Fiction Cinema
Computer Graphics Imagery and Contemporary Science Fiction
Interview: Special Effects Technician Stan Winston
Interview: Director Roland Emmerich

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