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The Year's Best Science Fiction

Summation 1992:
Griffin’s Egg – Michael Swanwick
Even the Queen – Connie Willis
The Round-Eyed Barbarians – L. Sprague de Camp
Dust – Greg Egan
Two Guys From The Future – Terry Bisson
The Mountain To Mohammed – Nancy Kress
The Coming Of Vertumnus – Ian Watson
A Long Night’s Vigil At The Temple – Robert Silverberg
The Hammer Of God – Arthur C. Clarke
Grownups – Ian R. MacLeod
Graves – Joe Haldeman
The Glowing Cloud – Steven Utley
Gravity’s Angel – Tom Maddox
Protection – Maureen F. McHugh
The Last Cardinal Bird In Tennessee – Neal Barrett, Jr.
Birth Day – Robert Reed
Naming Names – Pat Cadigan
The Elvis National Theater Of Okinawa – Jonathan Lethem And
Lukas Jaeger
The Territory – Bradley Denton
The Best And The Rest Of James Joyce – Ian McDonald
Naming The Flowers – Kate Wilhelm
Snodgrass – Ian R. MacLeod
By The Mirror Of My Youth – Kathe Koja
Outnumbering The Dead – Frederik Pohl
Honorable Mentions

Robert Silverberg -Beauty in the Night
Paul J. McAuley - Second Skin
Nancy Kress - Steamship Soldier on the Information Front
Greg Egan - Reasons to be Cheerful
Stephen Baxter - Moon Six
Bill Johnson - We Will Drink a Fish Together. . .
Peter F. Hamilton - Escape Route
James Patrick Kelly - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Alastair Reynolds - A Spy in Europa
William Sanders - The Undiscovered
Alan Brennert - Echoes
David Marusek - Getting To Know You
Gwyneth Jones - Balinese Dancer
Robert Reed - Marrow
Howard Waldrop - Heart of Whitenesse
Michael Swanwick - The Wisdom of Old Earth
Brian Stableford - The Pipes of Pan
G. David Nordley - Crossing Chao Meng Fu
Greg Egan - Yeyuka
Carolyn Ives Gilman - Frost Painting
Walter Jon Williams - Lethe
Geoffray A. Landis - Winter Fire
Ian R. MacLeod - Nevermore
Simon Ings - Open Veins
Ian McDonald - After Kerry
Sean Williams & Simon Brown - The Masque of Agamemnon
John Kessel - Gulliver at Home
Gregory Benford & Elisabeth Malartrez - A Cold, Dry Cradle

"Oceanic," by Greg Egan
"Approaching Perimelasma," by Geoffrey A. Landis.
"Craphound," by Cory Doctorow.
"Jedella Ghost," by Tanith Lee.
"Taklamakan," by Bruce Sterling.
"The Island of the Immortals," by Ursula K. Le Guin.
"Sea Change, with Monsters," by Paul J. McAuley.
"Divided by Infinity," by Robert Charles Wilson.
"US," by Howard Waldrop.
"The Days of Solomon Gursky," by Ian McDonald.
"The Cuckoo's Boys," by Robert Reed.
"The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness," by William Browning Spencer.
"The Very Pulse of the Machine," by Michael Swanwick.
"Story of Your Life," by Ted Chiang.
"Voivodoi," by Liz Williams.
"Saddlepoint: Roughneck" by Stephen Baxter.
"This Side of Independence," by Rob Chilson.
"Unborn Again," by Chris Lawson.
"Grist," by Tony Daniel.
"La Cenerentola," by Gwyneth Jones.
"Down in the Dark," by William Barton.
"Free in Asveroth," by Jim Grimsley.
"The Dancing Floor," by Cherry Wilder.
"The Summer Isles," by Ian R. MacLeod.

Summation: 2000
The Juniper Tree -John Kessel
Antibodies -Charles Stross
The Birthday of the World -Ursula K. Le Guin
Savior -Nancy Kress
Reef -Paul J. McAuley
Going After Bobo -Susan Palwick
Crux -Albert E. Cowdrey
The Cure for Everything -Severna Park
The Suspect Genome -Peter F. Hamilton
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O -Michael Swanwick
Radiant Green Star -Lucius Shepard
Great Wall of Mars -Alastair Reynolds
Milo and Sylvie -Eliot Fintushel
Snowball in Hell -Brian Stableford
On the Orion Line -Stephen Baxter
Oracle -Greg Egan
Obsidian Harvest -Rick Cook & Ernest Hogan
Patient Zero -Tananarive Due
A Colder War -Charles Stross
The Real World -Steven Utley
The Thing About Benny -M.Shayne Bell
The Great Goodbye -Robert Charles Wilson
Tendeléo’s Story -Ian McDonald
Honorable Mentions: 2000

“New Light on the Drake Equation,” by Ian R. MacLeod.
“More Adventures on Other Planets,” by Michael Cassutt.
“On K2 with Kanakaredes,” by Dan Simmons.
“When This World Is All on Fire,” by William Sanders.
“Computer Virus,” by Nancy Kress.
“Have Not Have,” by Geoff Ryman.
“Lobsters,” by Charles Stross.
“The Dog Said Bow-Wow,” by Michael Swanwick.
“The Chief Designer,” by Andy Duncan.
“Neutrino Drag,” by Paul Di Filippo.
“Glacial,” by Alastair Reynolds.
“The Days Between,” by Allen Steele.
“One-Horse Town,” by Howard Waldrop and Leigh Kennedy.
“Moby Quilt,” by Eleanor Arnason.
“Raven Dream,” by Robert Reed.
“Undone,” by James Patrick Kelly.
“The Real Thing,” by Carolyn Ives Gilman.
“Interview: On Any Given Day,” by Maureen F. McHugh.
“Isabel of the Fall,” by Ian R. MacLeod.
“Into Greenwood,” by Jim Grimsley.
“Know How, Can Do,” by Michael Blumlein.
“Russian Vine,” by Simon Ings.
“The Two Dicks,” by Paul McAuley.
“May Be Some Time,” by Brenda W. Clough.
“Marcher,” by Chris Beckett.
“The Human Front,” by Ken MacLeod.

Breathmoss -Ian R. MacLeod
The Most Famous Little Girl in the World -Nancy Kress
The Passenger -Paul McAuley
The Political Officer -Charles Coleman Finlay
Lambing Season -Molly Gloss
Coelacanths -Robert Reed
Presence -Maureen F. McHugh
Halo -Charles Stross
In Paradise -Bruce Sterling
The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars -Ian McDonald
Stories for Men -John Kessel
To Become a Warrior -Chris Beckett
The Clear Blue Seas of Luna -Gregory Benford
V.A.O. -Geoff Ryman
Winters are Hard -Steven Popkes
At the Money -Richard Wadholm
Agent Provocateur -Alexander Irvine
Singleton -Greg Egan
Slow Life -Michael Swanwick
A Flock of Birds -James Van Pelt
The Potter of Bones -Eleanor Arnason
The Whisper of Disks -John Meaney
The Hotel at Harlan’s Landing -Kage Baker
The Millennium Party -Walter Jon Williams
Turquoise Days -Alastair Reynolds
Honorable Mentions: 2002

Summation: 2005
The Little Goddess by Ian McDonald
The Calorie Man by Paolo Bacigalupi
Beyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair Reynolds
Second Person, Present Tense by Daryl Gregory
The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Back From the Stars by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold
Triceratops Summer Michael Swanwick
Camouflage • [Marrow] by Robert Reed
A Case of Consilience by Ken MacLeod
The Blemmye's Strategem by Bruce Sterling
Amba • (2005) by William Sanders
Search Engine by Mary Rosenblum
Piccadilly Circus by Chris Beckett
In the Quake Zone by David Gerrold
La Malcontenta by Liz Williams
The Children of Time by Stephen Baxter
Little Faces by Vonda N. McIntyre
Comber by Gene Wolfe
Audubon in Atlantis by Harry Turtledove
Deus Ex Homine by Hannu Rajaniemi
The Great Caruso by Steven Popkes
Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck by Neal Asher
Zima Blue by Alastair Reynolds
Planet of the Amazon Women by David Moles
The Clockwork Atom Bomb by Dominic Green
Gold Mountain by Chris Roberson
The Fulcrum by Gwyneth Jones
Mayfly by Peter Watts and Derryl Murphy
Two Dreams on Trains by Elizabeth Bear
Angel of Light by Joe Haldeman
Burn by James Patrick Kelly
Honorable Mentions: 2005

The Year's Best Science Fiction (10, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 e 23) - Gardner Dozois [ Download ]