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The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction 23

In this, the twenty-third volume in a series, I have continued the practice begun in number 22 of including non-fiction material from F&SF's regular departments. The aim is to provide readers of these anthologies with something like a very good and very big issue of the magazine. Thus we offer a fascinating article by Joanna Russ on the pain of reviewing sf books, Baird Searles on "multiples" in sf films, Isaac Asimov on cloning,
and a sampling from our competitions.

The stories in this book cover the period from our November 1976 issue through the middle of 1979, a period of great growth in the science fiction field, at least in terms of numbers. If you're the sort who likes to sniff the air for trends, you may have detected a smell of old attics, as much sf seemed to swing back to traditional, even old-fashioned themes and forms. Compare 2001 to Star Wars.

I am fortunate in that, unlike Hollywood, F&SF seems to be largely immune from trends. The magazine has a reputation for offering variety, and to uphold that image, it seems to me that it must carefully avoid trends and formulas in an effort to publish a balance of different types of fantasy and sf. And so we continue to look for good writing and fresh ideas and entertaining narratives, and once those general criteria are satisfied, we take on whatever seems to be pleasing our writers at the time. That's the best way I know of pleasing our leaders.
Edward L. Ferman

I See You by Damon Knight
From Competition 13: Excerpts from myopic early sf novels
The Detweiler Boy by Tom Reamy
Books: In Defense of Criticism by Joanna Russ
Zorphwar! by Stan Dryer
From Competition 14: SF "What's the question" jokes
Stone by Edward Bryant
From Competition 15; Retranslated SF titles
Nina by Robert Block
Science: Clone, Clone of My Own by Isaac Asimov
In the Hall of the Martian Kings by John Varley
From Competition 18: Transposed SF titles
Upstart by Steven Utley
A House Divided by Lee Killough
From Competition 19: SF limericks
Brother Hart by Jane Yolen
Films: Multiples by Baird Searles
The Man Who Had No Idea by Thomas M. Disch
Project Hi-Rise by Robert F. Young
Prismatica by Samuel R. Delany

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