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The History of Science Fiction

Science fiction is too large a subject to be represented exhaustively in a Critical History, even in one such as this, which has been allowed fairly ample dimensions. The reader seeking greater comprehensiveness is advised to consult John Clute and Peter Nicholls’ astonishingly full Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

The present study is not a complete account of the genre, but rather an attempt to trace a line that connects one specific mode of ‘fantastic’ literature, which we now call science fiction, from earliest times through to the present day.

The majority of texts examined are novels, short or long, and these remain the dominant form of SF, although the ‘short story’ (a slightly different thing from ‘short novels’), cinema, television, comic books and other forms of cultural production play an increasingly large part in the later stages.

As a Critical History, this work also has a certain case to make. I hope to avoid tendentiousness, but my argument is not neutral – even if such a thing as a purely neutral critical argument could exist – and I sketch
it out here so that readers can be forewarned and prepare themselves to read what follows in a sympathetic or hostile frame of mind, whichever suits them better.

1. Definitions
2. Science Fiction and the Ancient Novel Interlude: AD 400–1600
3. Seventeenth-Century Science Fiction
4. Eighteenth-Century Science Fiction
5. Early Nineteenth-Century Science Fiction
6. Science Fiction 1850–1900
7. Jules Verne and H. G. Wells
8. The Early Twentieth Century: High Modernist Science Fiction
9. Early Twentieth-Century Science Fiction: The Pulps
10. Golden Age Science Fiction 1940–1960
11. The Impact of New Wave Science Fiction 1960s–1970s
12. Science Fiction Screen Media 1960–2000: Hollywood Cinema and Television
13. Prose Science Fiction 1970s–1990s
14. Late Twentieth-Century Science Fiction: Multimedia, Visual Science Fiction and Others
Postscript: Twenty-First-Century Science Fiction
Chronology of Key Titles in Science Fiction and Developments in Science
Further Reading

The History of Science Fiction - Adam Roberts [ Download ]