sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

The Clockwork Heart

For long years, the mechanus worked in perfect harmony with one another.

The Divine Forge decreed and its creations obeyed. But over time, the Divine Forge no longer spoke to the greater throng of mechanus, and chose more and more to give its counsel to a clerical order.

This order took the old mechanus name: the Disciples of the Divine Forge.

Many of these mechanus remained in direct communion with the will of the Divine Forge, passing their insight to their brethren via edicts and commandments of holy law.

This was the new way, and as before there were no questions.

Mechanopolis grew. The numbers of mechanus swelled, and for the first time there was division among them. Disagreement turned to conflict, and conflict into violence.

For the first time in their existence, the mechanus fought against each other.
Open warfare broke out in the streets of Mechanopolis and beyond.

Before long there was utter chaos.

The Clockwork Heart - RPG [ Download ]