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Zombies for Zombies - Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead

Table of contents
Foreword by Dr. Kenneth Beaker

Chapter 1. Who Moved My Brains?: The Provo Virus and YOU!

Chapter 2. The 14 Habits of Highly Effective Zombies:
Etiquette and Behavior

Chapter 3. The Courage to Medicate: Your
Pharmaceutical Options
Interlude: Tales from the Horde: Terror at Lake Romney

Chapter 4. You Are Who You Eat

Chapter 5. ReBoot Camp: Exercise and YOU

Chapter 6. You CAN Heal Your Post-Life: Care and Grooming
Interlude: Welcome to Scarlet Shores!

Chapter 7. Change Your Clothes, Change Your Post-Life:
America’s Next Top Zombie.

Chapter 8. The Koma Sutra: Wake Up Your Sex Life!

Chapter 9. What Color Is Your Unitard?: The Dead Can Kinda Dance!
Interlude: Tales from the Horde: Black Meat

Chapter 10. Tao Te Cha-Ching!: A Wealth of Spirituality in the Post-Life

Chapter 11. The Road Less Shambled: Get On With the Future

Chapter 12. Brain Soup for the Soul: Gut-Warming Tales of Success
Post Mortem

Appendix A: Recipes!
Appendix B: Recommended Viewing
Appendix C: Nonrecommended Viewing
About the Author
About the Illustrator 

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