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The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction

In His Sights by Jeffrey Thomas
Bioship by Neal Asher
C-Rock City by Jay Lake & Greg van Eekhout
The Bowdler Strain by James Lovegrove
Personal Jesus by Paul Di Filippo
If At First… by Peter F. Hamilton
A Distillation of Grace by Adam Roberts
Last Contact by Stephen Baxter
Cages by Ian Watson
Jellyfish by Mike Resnick & David Gerrold
Zora and the Land Ethnic Nomads by Mary A. Turzillo
Four Ladies of the Apocalypse by Brian Aldiss
The Accord by Keith Brooke
The Wedding Party by Simon Ings
 Third Person by Tony Ballantyne
The Farewell Party by Eric Brown

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 1 - (LIT/EPUB/MOBI) [ Download ]

iCity by Paul Di Filippo
The Space Crawl Blues by Kay Kenyon
The Line of Dichotomy by Chris Roberson
Fifty Dinosaurs by Robert Reed
Mason’s Rats: Black Rat by Neal Asher
Blood Bonds by Brenda Cooper
The Eyes of God by Peter Watts
Sunworld by Eric Brown
Evil Robot Monkey by Mary Robinette
Kowal Shining Armor by Dominic Green
Book, Theatre, and Wheel by Karl Schroeder
Mathralon by David Louis Edelman
Mason’s Rats: Autotractor by Neal Asher
Modern Times by Michael Moorcock
Point of Contact by Dan Abnett

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 2 - (LIT/EPUB/MOBI) [ Download ]

Rescue Mission by Jack Skillingstead
The Fixation by Alastair Reynolds
Artifacts by Stephen Baxter
Necroflux Day by John Meaney
Providence by Paul Di Filippo
Carnival Night by Warren Hammond
The Assistant by Ian Whates
Glitch by Scott Edelman
One of our Bastards is Missing by Paul Cornell
Woodpunk by Adam Roberts Minya’s
Astral Angels by Jennifer Pelland
The Best Monkey by Daniel Abraham
Long Stay by Ian Watson
A Soul Stitched to Iron by Tim Akers
iThink, therefore I am by Ken MacLeod
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The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 3 - (LIT/EPUB/MOBI) [ Download ]