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World Weavers - Globalization, Science Fiction, and the Cybernetic Revolution

From Semaphors and Steamships to Servers and Spaceships: The Saga of Globalization, Science Fiction, and the Cybernetic Revolution
Gary Westfahl

Part I Global Perspectives 
1. Going Mobile: Tradition, Technology, and the Cultural Monad 
George Slusser
2. Urbe et Orbe: A Prehistory of the Postmodern World City 
Howard V. Hendrix
3. 2001, or A Cyberpalace Odyssey: Toward the Ideographic Imagination
Takayuki Tatsumi
4. The Genealogy of the Cyborg in Japanese Popular Culture 
Sharalyn Orbaugh
5. Hermeneutics and Taiwan Science Fiction
Wong Kin Yuen
6. Is Utopia Obsolete? Imploding Boundaries in Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age
N. Katherine Hayles

Part II: History Lessons 
7. Tales of Futures Passed: The Kipling Continuum and Other Lost Worlds of Science Fiction
Andy Sawyer
8. Globalization in Japanese Science Fiction, 1900 and 1963: The Seabed Warship and Its Re-Interpretation
Thomas Schnellbacher
9. The Limits of "Humanity" in Comparative Perspective: Cordwainer Smith and the Soushenji
Lisa Raphals
10. The Idea of the Asian in Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle
Jake fakaitis
11. Godzilla's Travels: The Evolution of a Globalized Gargantuan 
Gary Westfahl

Part III: Contemporary Case Studies 
12. Black Secret Technology: African Technological Subjects 
Gerald Gaylard
13. The Teeth of the New Cockatoo: Mutation and Trauma in  Greg Egan's Teranesia
Chris Palmer
14. When Cyberfeminism Meets Chinese Philosophy: Computer, Weaving and Women
Amy Kit-sze Chan
15. Hollywood Enters the Dragon
Veronique Flambard-Weisbart
16. Romeo Must Die: Action and Agency in Hollywood and Hong Kong Action Films
Susanne Rieser and Susanne Lummerding

Wong Kin Yuen and Amy Kit-sze Chan

Bibliography of Works Related to Globalization, Science Fiction,

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