segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2009

Room 13 and other ghost stories - M.R.James

Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936) was a scholar who wrote many books on history and languages. He also wrote many famous ghost stories.
He read these stories to his friends at King's College, Cambridge University.
Many of the people in the stories have plenty of money and do not need to work. They live in large houses and have servants to look after them.
Many of them like to travel. All of them are interested in books.
These people lived in the same way that M. R. James lived. But life for ordinary people was very different. As you read these stories, think about M. R. James.
He read these stories at Christmas. He sat in a room lit by candles. Outside it was dark and cold.
The gentlemen listened to James reading. They smoked cigars and drank brandy.
After you have read the story, it will be time to go to bed.
But don't turn out the light straight away.
Something may be waiting for you, in the dark!

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