sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2009

Bruce Sterling - FC, hackers, política, ciberpunks em 50 textos

( Agberg Ideology, Artificial life, Bitter Resistance, Buckmania, Computers freedom and privacy, Creation Science, Crystal Express, Cyberpunk in the nineties, CyberView, Dead Collider, Digital Dolphins, Digital revolution in retrospect, Eletronic Text, Free as air, Geeks and Spooks, Gurp'sLabour lost, Hacker Crackdown, House subcommittee on Telecomunications and Finance Speech, Internet, Life and death of Media, Magnetic Vision, Maneki neko, The 2000 Manifesto, Memories of Space Age, Midnight on Rue Jules Verne, My Rihla, The New Cryptografy, Outer cyberspace, Return to the Rue Jules Verne, Shinkansen, Slipstream, Sneaking for Jesus 2001, The spearhead of cognition, Spires on Skyline, Statement of principle, Superglue, Think of the prestige, Unstable Network, Updike's version, The virtual city, War is virtual Hell, Watching the clouds, The wonderful power of storytelling, A workshop lexicon, National academy of sciences speech, ...)

Bruce Sterling - 50 textos [ Download ]