quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

An Introduction to Cybercultures - David Bell

[...Building on cultural studies of subcultures – ....how different subcultural responses to and uses of cyberspace work. In some cases, pre-existing forms of subcultural activity have found a new home in cyberspace, and in this respect I look at fan cultures and ‘fringe’ political groups (such as conspiracy theorists and neo-nazis). What we see there is an adaptive relationship to new media technologies that is reshaping the practices and forms that these subcultures take. Moving on from here, I look at subcultures that signal an expressive engagement with cyberspace, focusing on MUDders, cyberpunks, hackers,and neo-Luddites.
Each of these groups has its own subcultural take on cyber-space, and each reintroduces debates about identity, embodiment and community in cyberculture.]

An Introduction to Cybercultures - David Bell [ Download ]