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Terraforming: The Creating of Habitable Worlds

Table of Contents
1. Prolog: The Big Guns of Kugluktuk
Summer, the Year 2100
Notes and References
2. Introduction
What’s in a Word?
Moving Forward
The Anthropocene
Future Worlds, Future Homes
Notes and References
3. Life in the Solar System, and Beyond
Mars: The Once and Future Abode of Life?
Life Express
The Miller–Urey Experiment
Panspermia: The Bigger Picture
Life and Death Clouds
Vignette A: What Is Life?
The Rights of Microbes
Notes and References
4. The Limits of the World.
Home on the Range: A Brief History of the Solar System
The Blue Marble
Breathing Room
A Magnetic Shield
Humanity’s Footprint
We, the Tikopia
The Aging Sun
Back to the Present
Vignette B: The Viking Landers
Notes and References
5. In the Right Place at the Right Time
Planetary Temperatures
Atmospheric Temperature and Pressure
Phase Diagram of Water
The Habitable Zone
Atmospheric Retention
The Greenhouse Effect
The Tail Wagging the Dog
Feedback Cycles and Stability
The End of the Biosphere
The Formation of Terrestrial Planets
Vignette C: Kepler’s Somnium
Notes and References
6. The Terraforming of Mars
The Measure of Mars
Whither the Water?
The Opening Salvo
Altered States: The Means of Terraforming Mars
Increased CO2 Abundance
The CO2 Runaway
Super-Greenhouse Gases
Albedo Change and Increased Insolation
The Phases of New Mars
The Times of Their Lives
Near-Term Developments
Vignette D: Daisy World
Notes and References
7. The Terraforming of Venus
The Moist Greenhouse Effect
Cloud Life
Perelandra Remade
Atmospheric Blow-off, Cooling, and Mining
Roman Blinds, Spin Up, and Spin Apart
Back to Basics
Getting CO2 Stoned
A Cold New Dawn
Surface Turnover
Flying High
A Distant Dawn
Vignette E: Back to the Moon
Notes and References
8. An Abundance of Habitats
The Moon’s a Balloon
Hot-Footed Hermes
A Fragmented Neighborhood
Life on a Dwarf Planet: Ceres World
Living in the Clouds
Supramundane Planets and Shell Worlds
O’Neill Colonies and Orbiting Cities
The Coming of a Second Sun
Earth Shift and a Synthetic Sun
Dyson Spheres and Jupiter
The Galilean Moons: Food for Thought
The Deeper, Darker, Colder Solar System
The Pull of More Distant Horizons
Other Worlds Abound
Future Prospects
Habitable Exoplanets and Biomarkers
Vignette F: The Mysterious Titius–Bode Law
Notes and References
Internet Resources
Glossary of Technical Terms
A. Blackbody Radiators
B. Accounting for Greenhouse Gases
C. A Terraforming Simulator Model for Mars
D. Population Growth and Lily World

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