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Androids, Humanoids and other Science Fiction Monsters

Androids, Humanoids, and Other Science Fiction
Monsters : Science and Soul in Science Fiction Films

1. Introduction
This Is a Book about Science Fiction Film
Assumptions and Methodology
Approaches to Folklore
The Films
Culture vs. Nature: Culture Is Assigning Meaning
Nature in the Cultural Script
Nature, Culture, and Folklore
The Umbilical Cord: Nature, Culture, and Christianity
Sf Soul Defined

2. Dangerous Science
What Is an Sf Movie?
The Sf Hero
The Scientist As Shaman, Superman, and Romantic Genius
The Evolution of the Sf Scientist
Mysterious Science
Sf Science Goals
Scientific Transgressions in Sf Films
A Monster Is Born

3. Meanwhile Back in the Kitchen; or, Women and Science
Female "Nature"
Gendered Science
Woman the Polluter
Women from the Future and Androgynes

4. Humanoids in the Toolshed
Need Space, Will Travel
Living Things from Outer Space
Organisms Monstrosus
Invaded Minds
Alien Gods

5. In the Belly of the Beast
The Mechanical Landscape: Technologie Moralisée
Sexy Weapons
The Ghost in the Machine

6. Disembodied Brains

7. Docile Bodies
Rossum's Universal Robots
Meanwhile, in the Real World
Robotic Gadgets
Sf Robots: R2D2 to Johnny-5

8. Intrusive Media
Corporate Mind Control
Mediated Mind Control

9. The Dystopia
Bureaucratic Nightmares
Male Supremacy

10. The Human Form Submerged, Beleaguered, and Triumphant
Drugged Docility
Building Bodies
The Body-Beautiful Phenomenon
The Body-Clean Phenomenon
The Body-Perfect/Body-Immortal Phenomenon

11. Have Mind, Seek Soul: The Android's Quest
Deadly Docility
Perfect Mates
Soulful Machines

12. Conclusion

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