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The best time travel stories of the 20th Century

We’re all time travellers, whether we know it or not.
We go into the future at a steady rate of one second per second, and we leave the past behind.

New things come along.

Old things are forgotten.

My own lifetime—neither especially long nor especially short these days—has seen the rise of antibiotics, AIDS, space travel, television, CDs, videotape, DVDs, Richard Nixon (twice), civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, cell phones, the computer, and the Internet. It’s seen the fall of Communism, segregation, records, smallpox (we hope!), polio, Richard Nixon (twice), the Twin Towers, and the idea that smoking is cool.
The short fiction collected here looks at similar ideas and some wildly different ones. The pieces speak for themselves; anything I say about them, I fear, would only get in the way. The only thing I can be fairly sure of is that you’ll like most of them. Enjoy!

Table of Contents
Introduction by Harry Turtledove    

Yesterday Was Monday by Theodore Sturgeon    

Time Locker by Henry Kuttner    

Time’s Arrow by Arthur C. Clarke    

Death Ship by Richard Matheson    

A Gun for Dinosaur by Lyon Sprague De Camp    

The Man Who Came Early by Poul Anderson    

Rainbird by R. A. Lafferty    

Leviathan! by Larry Niven    

Anniversary Project by Joe Haldeman    

Time Tipping by Jack Dann    

Fire Watch by Connie Willis    

Sailing to Byzantium by Robert Silverberg    

The Pure Product by John Kessel    

Trapalanda by Charles Sheffield    

The Price of Oranges by Nancy Kress    

A Fisherman of the Inland Sea by Ursula K. Le Guin    

About the Editors    

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