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Feeling Very Strange

The term slipstream was coined by Bruce Sterling in a column he wrote for a fanzine called SF Eye in 1989. Sterling was attempting to understand a kind of fiction that he saw increasingly in science fiction publications
and elsewhere.

He quite rightly asserted that it was not true science fiction, and yet it bore some relation to science fiction.

In a key passage of his essay, Sterling wrote, this genre is not category SF ; it is not even “genre” SF . Instead, it is a contemporary kind of writing which has set its face against consensus reality.

It is fantastic, surreal sometimes, speculative on occasion, but not rigorously so. It does not aim to provoke a
“sense of wonder” or to systematically extrapolate in the manner of classic science fiction.
Instead, this is a kind of writing which simply makes you feel very strange; the way that living in the late twentieth century makes you feel, if you are a person of a certain sensibility.

We could call this kind of fiction Novels of a Postmodern Sensibility. . .for the sake of convenience and argument, we will call these books “slipstream.”

Introduction - John Kessel & James Patrick Kelly

Al - Carol Emshwiller
The Little Magic Shop - Bruce Sterling
The Healer - Aimee Bender

I Want My 20th-Century Schizoid Art – I
The Specialist’s Hat - Kelly Link
Light and the Sufferer - Jonathan Lethem
Sea Oak - George Saunders

I Want My 20th-Century Schizoid Art – II
Exhibit H: Torn Pages Discovered in the Vest Pocket of an Unidentified Tourist - Jeff VanderMeer
Hell is the Absence of God - Ted Chiang
Lieserl - Karen Joy Fowler
Bright Morning - Jeffrey Ford

I Want My 20th-Century Schizoid Art – III
Biographical Notes to “A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-planes” by Benjamin
Rosenbaum - Benjamin Rosenbaum
The God of Dark Laughter - Michael Chabon
The Rose in Twelve Petals - Theodora Goss

I Want My 20th-Century Schizoid Art – IV
The Lions Are Asleep this Night - Howard Waldrop
You Have Never Been Here - M. Rickert

Author notes

Feeling Very Strange - the slipstream anthology [ Download ]