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Cyberculture, cyborgs and Science Fiction - William S.Haney II

[...beginning with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. As the fifth chapter argues, Victor’s monster as a “composite body” would never qualify as a human, even though it manages to acquire a socially constructed identity.
Chapter Six argues that William Gibson’s Neuromancer, which takes a playful yet distinctly ambivalent attitude toward technology, demonstrates that the world of cyborgs poses a clear threat for human consciousness. Similarly, Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, as maintained in Chapter Seven, suggests that humans, always vulnerable to viruses, will now be exposed through posthuman biotechnology to infection by computer viruses. Snow Crash also supports the argument that machines will never be able to develop consciousness made by neuroscientists such as Gerald Edelman.
The next two chapters deal with Hariku Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World and Marge Piercy’s He, She and It respectively. Murakami’s novel explores the inner depth of the mind and suggests that in a posthuman context, any attempt to enhance brain functioning by technologically interfering with consciousness may have devastating consequences for human identity and survivability.
Piercy extends this theme by considering the implications for consciousness of an entirely artificial being. She suggests that as humans become ever more fascinated with transforming themselves into radical cyborgs, pure consciousness may some day become nothing more than a vague memory.]

Chapter 1:
Consciousness and the Posthuman
Chapter 2:
The Latent Powers of Consciousness vs. Bionic Humans
Chapter 3:
Derrida’s Indian Literary Subtext
Chapter 4:
Consciousness and the Posthuman in Short Fiction
Chapter 5:
Frankenstein: The Monster’s Constructedness and
the Narrativity of Consciousness
Chapter 6:
William Gibson’s Neuromancer: Technological Ambiguity
Chapter 7:
Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash: Humans are not Computers
Chapter 8:
Haruki Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the
World: Unicorns, Elephants and Immortality
Chapter 9:
Cyborg Revelations: Marge Piercy’s He, She and It
Chapter 10:
Conclusion: The Survival of Human Nature
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